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Appleton Area Health first in Minnesota to offer patients Dynamic Digital Radiography. It's X-Ray in Motion.

Minnesota is known as a hotbed for medical care and technology and now, Appleton Area Health, is the first to offer patients one of the most advanced X-ray systems. The KDR Flex Overhead X-ray System with Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR) allows health care personnel to observe the bones and organs while in motion. 

This new technology allows physicians and health care providers to observe the full range of joint motion to help evaluate suspected injuries. Physicians can now watch a patient’s motion of lungs and diaphragm during breathing to better analyze and diagnose suspected lung nodules, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease known as COPD, and interstitial lung disease to determine whether the diaphragm is paralyzed. The advanced technology is a game-changer for patients in the region who can now receive state-of-the art care in their own backyard. 

Dr. William Vandivier, Medical Director, Appleton Area Health: “If a picture is worth a thousand words, X-ray imaging in motion is worth millions more. With DDR,
DDR side by side.pelvis.crop.JPG

doctors can view a patient’s full range of motion in joints, extremities, neck, and spine. This capability provides immediate information for diagnosis, surgical planning, and treatment follow-up, resulting in more individualized patient care.”

Greg Miner, Appleton Area Health Chief Executive Officer: “To bring this type of diagnostic care to Appleton, is truly remarkable. DDR is the type of technology you would expect to find in only large metropolitan areas in our region. Thanks to our partnership with Konica Minolta, we are the first to be able to provide our region with the same level of X-ray care patients receive at such renowned hospital as Mount Sinai in New York or Emory in Atlanta.”

Providing exceptional healthcare in rural areas is vital to keeping our communities healthy, thriving, and growing. Appleton Area Health stands as a model for independent hospitals across the country.

Cory Thorsland, Chair, Appleton Area Health Board of Directors: “Investing in this new technology is truly an investment in our community and our entire region. This new tool is another important example of how our hometown hospital is delivering outstanding care to our friends, families, and neighbors.”

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