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Success Stories

Testimonials from our patients.

Spotlight Success Story

I came to Big Stone Therapies approximately one month after surgery. At that time i had no stamina aerobically. Through Kailey VanEps guidance I am back to doing the things I did 5-10 years ago. She is a responsible, courteous, and friendly care giver. This is the second time I've used Big Stone Therapies; the first time being after my double knee replacement. I would definitely recommend this staff to anyone needing therapy.

-Allan Oyen

"When I came to Big Stone Therapies (by referral from my pain management doctor) I was in constant pain. I wasn't able to stand, sit, or lay without pain. Even grocery shopping was a major issue.

I want to say that the Big Stone Therapy Team is AMAZING! After a month and a half I can say I am pain free and I can do my normal daily activities with pain! The providers are wonderful at explaining the problem, what they are going to do, and how to follow through with at home stretches, and core strength exercises to help achieve your goals. The team is very caring, understanding, and helps in the best way possible!!


All I can say is "THANK YOU" for helping me get back to being pain free and able to have a normal life again!!"

-Kris Stock 

"Before I started physical therapy my hip hurt to walk on and hurt while I was dancing. My lower back had also hurt doing daily life for about a year prior to therapy. After only a couple appointments I already noticed a significant improvement in my pain level. Before leaving I was given many exercises to keep improving out of physical therapy. My daily pain is now gone and my pain while dancing improves every time I do my exercises."

-Grace Vacek


"I have recurring issues with my right shoulder, which was reconstructed in 1979, following a vehicle accident. Scar tissue builds up, causing inability to move my right arm without pain. The pain becomes so severe that it wakes me up at night, and I had resorted to using pain pills which I do not like to ever use if possible.

The pain and inability to use my right arm progressed to the point that I was unable to function in my daily duties as a truck driver, to work on projects in my shop, or be able to hold a paint brush properly to paint various items.

I am a military veteran; 41 years as a uniformed soldier, so most of my health care is accomplished by the Veterans Administration (VA). The VA hospital in St. Cloud had no personnel trained to accomplish myofascial release. I had previously been subjected to manual therapy at Big Stone Therapies Inc., in Appleton; therefore the VA granted me permission to seek care here in Appleton.

My first appointment with Big Stone Therapies, Inc., was on on April 22, 2021. Ashley had worked tirelessly to obtain actual orders from the VA so that I was able to receive treatment in Appleton. Jordan administered the manual therapy on my shoulder, plus administering several exercises to strengthen my shoulder and arm. Within 24 hours of the first treatment, the pain subsided. Through continued exercises, directed by Jordan, today, only five (5) weeks from the first treatment, the movement of my arm has increased dramatically, with NO pain.

Ashley and Jordan have both been instrumental in my recovery; they are both friendly, and willing to assist me in my recovery of my shoulder injury.

I highly recommend the professional employees of Big Stone Therapies, Inc., in the Appleton, Minnesota location. Thank you ladies for being you!  My daily lifestyle has returned to normal thanks to the professionalism of these two gals!

-Dennis Kohlman

In early February I was diagnosed with vertigo. I had woken during the night with a terrible dizzy spell that I had never had before. When I went to the doctor, he asked Physical Therapy to do a treatment. Mainly, I was dizzy when I laid down or turned over in bed. The treatment only lasted a few seconds and Jordan really knew what she was doing. She was very gentle and caring. I'm doing fine now and I thank the girls very much!

- Yvonne Hanson

"I had extensive foot and ankle surgery in June of 2020 and experienced a lot of pain, loss of mobility, and loss of nerve sensation following the procedure. I began therapy sessions with Big Stone Therapy about 5 or 6 weeks after the procedure. I remember going in there many mornings having just been in tears from pain and the loss of sleep I was experiencing due to the pain.

Week by week they were my champions! The therapists and staff greeted me with a smile and gave me hope. Each time, listening to me and being gentle on days when I was more limited due to pain or swelling, and challenging me on days when I worried I would never reach my full range of mobility again. They were not afraid to be creative or patient, helping me with strategies for chronic pain and helping me progress all the way back to being able to run again. The staff are awesome and helped me get back to being the active hands-on Mom of two that I had always hoped to be."

- Hope Schmidt, Appleton

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