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Wellness Challenge

River Valley Health Network - Collaborating for Excellence

Together, we win with wellness!

Appleton Area health is a member of the River Valley Health Network provides health & wellness programs to help improve the health of our communities.

The 2022 River Valley Health Network Wellness Challenge Statistics

Total participants: 260

Total weight lost: 1,014.5 lbs.

Average weight loss: 3.9 lbs.

Maximum individual weight loss: 59.6 lbs.

Blood drive donations/volunteer sessions: 125

Food shelf donations (dollars or items): 1,122


1st Place Individual – Ryan Crosby $250

2nd Place Individual – Rachel Anderson $200

3rd Place Individual – Larry Halvorson $150

4th Place Individual – Thomas Halvorson $125

5th Place Individual – Ben Bothun $100

6th Place Individual - Karen Winters $75

7th Place Individual – Jake Bothun $50

8th Place Individual – Ashley Bothun $50

9th Place Individual – Sarah Lee $25

10th Place Individual – Jaime Anderson $25

1st Place Team – Wager Chiropractic $400

2nd Place Team – Buns N Roses $300

3rd Place Team – All the Small Things $200

4th Place Team – Crush it Crew $100

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