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Dr. Jonathan Mellema specializes in disorders of the ear, nose and throat including:

  • Tubes, tonsils & adenoids

  • Sinus diseases, allergies, salivary gland disorders and tumors

  • Endocrine surgery including thyroid & parathyroid

  • Removal of skin lesions

  • Ear surgery

  • Nasal surgery

  • Chronic diseases

  • Cysts or masses of the head and neck

Dr. Mellema advises patients to "be your own health advocate. If you are concerned don’t be afraid to seek a second opinion. Seek a second opinion, and address issues right away before they become larger problems because nothing can disrupt your life faster than issues with sinuses and allergies, ear infections or tonsil troubles. 


For the vast range of ear, nose and throat conditions, Dr. Mellema brings years of surgical experience in various patient situations, having practiced in rural settings.  He specializes in providing expert and compassionate care for patients of all backgrounds and ages - from pediatric to geriatric.

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