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Managing Stress

Some days are filled with many unknowns.  We understand your concerns and fears.  Please do not panic. We are here to help and we are prepared. 


It's easy to let fear and worry consume our daily lives. In the event of positive cases of Covid-19 in our area it's important to remember the following:


  • Your mindset is important.  It may feel that everything is out of control or that there is a lot of uncertainty.  However, we CAN control our actions.  Take care of yourself, get enough sleep, call loved ones, practice intentional breathing, get fresh air, get proper nutrition and take breaks from media.

  • Consider shifting your thoughts from “I feel stuck or trapped at home” to “I get to spend quality time with my family” or “I have an opportunity to slow down in life” or “I can finally connect with loved ones that I’ve always thought about calling or sending a letter to.

  • Remind yourself that you have likely prepared yourself for self-isolation. You have everything you NEED for right now.  Use your items wisely.


Tips for when you are encouraged to stay home:


  • Remember, your local essential facilities WILL remain open.  This likely includes your medical centers, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. 

  • Consider shifting your thoughts from “everything is closed” to “I will have access to all essential services.”

  • Don’t panic. Your doctors and medical providers have a plan to care for your needs.

  • Take recommendations seriously and follow them.  The guidelines are there to PROTECT you and keep you SAFE. 

  • Remember, you WILL likely have everything you need.  If you are needing basic necessities, remember local services are in place to help you.  Ask for help.


If you have children:


  • Keep a routine the best you can…it will help them to stay regulated.

  • Prioritize your ability to remain regulated….your children will feed of your energy.

  • Take time to CONNECT with them.

  • Allow them to ask questions and answer them factually (make sure you find the correct facts first).


Coping skills:


  • Journal

  • Practice deep breathing

  • Go outside

  • Distract yourself (deep clean, start a new hobby, etc.), host a virtual gathering, practice gratitude, follow a daily routine, take an online class


Virtual Care to manage your physical and mental health:

  • Appleton Area Health has implemented Virtual Care or Telehealth services that allow you to ‘see’ your health care provider remotely

  • You will need a computer, tablet or smartphone as well as a valid email address and internet services in order to participate

  • Call 320.289.1580 to schedule an appointment

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