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“Ray came to AAHS for their swing bed services after being treated for a blood clot and aneurysm at another hospital where we were told that amputation was a strong possibility. Soon after his arrival, AAHS staff quickly recognized complications and arranged for transfer for more extensive treatment of his condition.


After treatment, he came back to AAHS for swing bed services once again. We could not be more pleased with our decision. His after-care and rehabilitation was extensive. We were helped and guided by so many people throughout Ray’s extended hospital stay. Marcia Kells, Dr. Bajwa, who was sometimes at the hospital on his days off, and Dr. Bess, who provided surgery right at AAHS, are intelligent, talented, and very personable.


Wound specialists Penny Hormann and Kris Payne have done a great job and continue to guide us. Therapeutic support was provided by Big Stone Therapy, under the direction and watchful eye of Kelly Wittnebel.


Every single person was friendly and helpful, from the RN’s to Maintenance and Housekeeping.
We can’t say enough about the AAHS nursing staff and their nursing aides. They are phenomenal. Absolutely the best. The degree of care and compassion they provided to Ray was exceptional. They are smart, intuitive, and are the humble heroes for Ray’s recovery. We will never be able to say ‘thank you’ enough.
Thanks to this staff, a 95 year old man walked out of the hospital and is continuing his recovery at Apple Ridge Estates, where he is making progress every day.”


– Ray Busse and family

“Dr. Nwakama was great!  I couldn’t have had a better surgeon!  I am so glad he comes to Appleton, I could get great care here in Appleton and did not have to leave town!  He is very gentle and caring.  I have come a long ways and have seen great improvements!  The care I received in the hospital was wonderful!  The nurses are great and very friendly!  I couldn’t have asked for better care!”

– Charlotte Kuhnau, Appleton

"The care I received from Liz (Elizabeth Charles CNM) throughout my pregnancy, labor and delivery was personable and exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t have imagined a better experience as a first time mom!" 

– Ashly Willis

“My surgery at AAH became easier directly because of the great care I received from the nurses, doctors, and surgical team. Their attention during my stay to ensure my well-being was exceptional. I definitely would recommend AAH for your medical needs”

– Lori Ann Rheingans

“It was so convenient for Demore to have his knee replacement done right here in town close to home.  Not only for him, but for me too.  I was able to visit at any time and didn’t have to worry about driving in a big city!” – Mrs. Demore Larson, Appleton

“I had a very positive experience at the Appleton hospital.  I received excellent medical treatment.  The staff was very attentive to my needs and compassionate.  I hope that their rural hospital will get the funding and support needed to continue with its superb care.”

– Maria S. Steigauf

“I used to see Dr. Bajwa and he is definitely an asset but now I see Penny and I think she is highly qualified too.  I have friends that talked me into trying different hospitals and let me tell you, they don’t have anything better than Appleton.  Keep up the good work!”

– Buzz Rieppel

“My mom was in the hospital and I feel she received very caring and excellent care...great nurses.” 

“As a family member, I have appreciated the care and competence of the AAH staff and I am thankful for this hospital and the services.  I am just so happy with the care everyone has provided for my sister and I'm so glad that she's here!”

“We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful clinic hospital and staff in Appleton.” 


“I am very happy we have these services available to us so we don’t have to go to them."

“I like all of the activities and time to socialize that Apple Ridge Estates offers. My family feels at ease knowing that help is just down the hall if needed. I also enjoy the flexibility of living independently.” 


"My mother has been treated with the utmost kindness and respect thanks to the friendly and approachable employees. The Appleton Area Health - Care Center is a very valuable part of the Appleton area community.”


“Excellent experience. My nurse and Penny were excellent.“  

“Dr. Bajwa is a very good doctor and I have a high respect for him.”

“Marcia was very good to us.”

“Everyone was great, the nurse and Penny treated me very well and were helpful.“

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