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Dr. Steven Saccoman, DPM comes to us from Willmar, MN. He is a graduate of Des Moines University Medical School, interned at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center, and completed his residency at Harvard Memorial Hospital.  He has more than 25 years of experience specializing in treatment of: 

  • Ankle pain/disorders

  • Heel pain/disorders

  • Foot pain

  • Diabetic foot care

  • Wound care

  • Nail care

  • Podiatric surgeries

    • Bunionectomies

    • Hammer Toe repair

    • Tendon repair  

Amee Gibson.jpg

Dr. Amee Gibson, DPM is a graduate of Des Moines University's Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. She completed her residency at Millcreek Community Hospital in Erie, Pennsylvania and currently practices at Stevens Community Medical Center.

Dr. Gibson and her husband, Brad, have a combined family of seven children: Aidan, Olivia, Ethan, Nate, Zach, Piper, and Grayson. Together the family enjoys a wide variety of school and sport-related activities.

Dr. Gibson handles all foot and ankle concerns and specializes in


  • Diabetic foot care

  • Wound care

  • Sports medicine

  • Ulcers

  • Toenail issues and more.


She is a member of the American Podiatric Medicine Association.

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