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Swing Bed Care

At Appleton Area Health, we understand there are times when a patient no longer needs the acute care they received in our hospital, yet you may not be ready to return to your home.  For those patients, we offer a comforting alternative. Our Swing Bed Program is designed to provide you or your loved ones with individualized in-hospital care and physical rehabilitation to help them reach optimal functionality. 

Our services provide care to patients who are recovering from:

  • Surgery such as joint replacement, vascular, or abdominal procedures

  • Stroke

  • Accident

  • Repeated hospitalizations

  • Wounds needing specialized care

We also care for patients needing

  • Pain management

  • Nutritional therapy

  • IV therapy

Please contact Josie Hauck at 320.289.8534 for more information about our Swing Bed program.

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